Project Funding Strategy

Pasti and Partners has been operating since 2001 providing financial support for companies and local authorities enabling them to find the most suitable solutions for financial coverage, their development and their investment projects.

The solutions are selected from the various schemes or initiatives: national or European with reference to non-repayable subsidies, low-interest loans or interest-free. Particular attention is given to financing options available for the purchase of machinery or software and the tax incentives available and legislated for regarding expenses incurred by a company in the initial stages of research and development.

Another important area we cover, is insurance and the financial support for those seeking internationalization with Simest and Sace.

We also offer services for larger operations with European Investment Bank financing. 

The firm has been working for years in collaboration with leading institutions of the following areas:

capital increases

issuing of bond loans



In a period of considerable uncertainty for companies, have seen a downturn in turnover and orders within the domestic market, it has become a necessity for companies to develop in foreign markets to gain new the market shares.

We are able to support production and service companies in their development abroad by offering a service that studies the company and its competitive positioning and marketing strategy for its development in foreign markets.

Once the strategy and the marketing plan have been identified, we are able to put the company in touch with distributors and partners within the market.

We have of two internationalization consultancies based in London and Lugano. 


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Discover our services

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