London alone produces a fifth of British GDP and is considered one of the most important economic cities worldwide along with New York and Tokyo. It is the largest and most competitive financial centre in the world.

We are active in this area rich in opportunities through our own network of professionals. We support Italian companies interested in establishing a presence in London, or who wish to find a commercial outlet for the sale of their goods and services. We are able to assist the customer in the various phases of approach to the market with the utmost professionalism, flexibility and timeliness in a totally personalized way.

We constantly monitor the financial, regulatory, and social developments that may arise from Brexit, the exit of Great Britain from the European Union ratified with the referendum on 23 June 2016 which saw the majority of 52% voting to "Leave" whilst only 48% voted "Remain".

We have been working for years with companies with companies in the following areas:


- International marketing
- International taxation
- Business creation
- Search for capital

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