Lugano is the third financial centre in Switzerland and the economic capital of Italian Switzerland. The economic centre of Ticino, it offers the perfect mix between the Italian lifestyle and Swiss efficiency.

The Swiss economic platform was awarded first place in the Global Innovation Index for innovation.

We are able to assist companies that want to take advantage of a positioning on the Swiss market offering consultancy service covering all the 26 Cantons of Switzerland to support settlement projects with a focus on automation and industry 4.0.

Switzerland is an excellent option for business growth, due to the ease of doing business. It has a reasonable level of taxation, reduced bureaucracy, and a simpler legal system, creating a very innovative environment which has good proximity to some renowned universities.

Pasti & Partners, in collaboration with the Swiss Business Hub Italia - Swiss Confederation, is responsible for providing support to companies wishing to approach Switzerland as an economic and investment platform. Thanks to our presence with on-site offices we can provide a valuable aid in business development. There are some very strategic sectors where the various cantons are interested in investing. 


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