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Pasti and Partners has been operating since 2001 providing financial support for companies and local authorities enabling them to find the most suitable solutions for financial coverage, their development and their investment projects.

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Our clientele consists principally of medium and large companies operating in the most varied economic sectors. Specifically, we also have innovative start-ups and the international companies dominant in the shipping sector within our customer portfolio. We also offer support Italian family businesses in the search of capital and or consulting with regards to internationalization.

We pay great attention to the delicate process of generational transition.
Our relationship with our clients is based on the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. We also have at our disposal the use of innovative monitoring tools for the various phases of consultancy, directional instruments and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to support the processes of decision-making.

Our entire analysis including the exposition of problems and their potential solutions, is always shared and explored with our clients in order to secure the implementation of the most suitable instruments or solutions for the needs of the company.





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